Fire Protection and prevention

Flees Global Services Limited is a recognized global leader for fire protection across many industries. We’re a full-service provider of fire protection engineering, design and installation services, as well as inspection, testing, and maintenance services. With an average of 25 years of fire systems experience, our team of experts is dedicated and responsible for keeping workers safe in over 20 facilities over the country.

Industry focus.

Our primary focus is providing life safety solutions for the oil and gas industry including bulk fuel storage and transportation, natural gas storage/processing and refining facilities. However, our experience extends to facilities such as railroads, powerplants and chemical storage and processing. If you’re in need of industrial fire protection, our team has the knowledge and experience to deliver.

From visual flame detection to firefighting foam, Flees global provides the industrial fire protection solutions you need to keep your facility safe. We’re proud to deliver and install the industry’s most technologically advanced solutions, and our industrial fire protection team specializes exclusively on clients in the oil and gas industry. Whether you’re just starting a new oil or gas facility, or are upgrading an older facility to meet new fire protection specifications, we can help.

CNC/EDM Machining Center Protection

FLEES Global  pre-engineered systems make use of FIRETRACE’s unique, flexible, pressurized detection tubing. Easily routed inside machines, collectors, and ventilation ductwork, this tubing is designed to burst when exposed to a fire’s radiant heat, releasing the fire extinguishing agent that best suits your application.

Gas Station Canopy Protection

Today’s technology allows automobile fueling areas to function faster than ever. While that speed offers great benefits, it can also make the area more susceptible to fire. When accidents happen, make sure your convenience center is protected. The Attendant II Gas Station Canopy  is designed to protect taller canopies and multiple fueling islands, keeping your customers, product, and property safe.